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CVI Solutions is a leading supplier to the process industries for control valves, regulators and other controls; quick-opening closures for pipelines and process vessels; and other fabricated equipment.

Contact us with your applications. If we can't provide the equipment you need from one of our respected manufacturers, then we'll tell you where to go find it!

Dyna-flo Control Valves Every day - Dyna-Flo control valves are hard at work in many of the world's major Oil & Gas and Petrochem companies. Dyna-Flo means performance, value, and customer service.

Control Valves

Leser Safety Relief Valves Leser is one of the leading suppliers of safety valves worldwide. Leser's product range covers the complete spectrum of conventional spring designs, providing safe solutions for almost every industrial application.

Leser Safety Relief Valves

Leser Safety Relief Valves NEW – POSV, Pilot Operated Safety Valve. Both pop-action and modulate-action valves are available. The Leser POSV will be available with a short 4 week lead time. The POSV is part of the Leser High Efficiency product group.

Leser Pilot Operated Safety Valves

JAG Neway Ball Valves JAG/Neway has North America’s largest inventory of premium API 6D Ball Valves, Check Valves and Pig Valves. JAG’s vision is to deliver quality valves for installation when you need them, and verifiable quality is standard with every valve.
Jagflo Ball Valves

Sentry Closures SENTRY® quick-opening high pressure closures are ideal for pipeline, pressure vessel, pig trap, filter and filtration system and manway access applications. SENTRY® non-threaded, internal door closures provide many features and benefits that are not available in other types of closures
Sentry Closures

Yale Closures With over 60 years of reliable field service, Yale® quick open closures are the industry leader. Yale Quick-Opening closures were the first to include a threaded design for unparalleled safety and operating ease.

Yale Closures

BelGas Regulators BelGAS, the leader in pressure regulator design, offers a variety of regulators for all applications in Oil & Gas, Pipelines and Process Plants. BelGAS, has raised the industry standard for quality, accuracy, and dependability, all at an economical price.
BelGas Regulators

Jordan Regulators Jordan Valve is a leading manufacturer of high quality products including pressure regulators, back pressure regulators, temperature regulators, pneumatic and electric control valves, sanitary valves and accessories.

Jordan Valve Regulators